DDVerify is an easy online tool to obtain signed documentation from your clients.

This link, https://youtu.be/LYcUF68Onmc, is a YouTube video that explains how to use our simple, online signature system, and how to invite your customers to complete the application process.

As a processor, you can log in to this system using your master user login and password that you set up for use with  my.directdeposit.com. To use the online authorization tool, you must email each client their specific NPC Account number. We suggest you download your customer list and just cut and paste to make this easy. This gives them the information needed to log into my.DDVerify.com and sign their authorization form. There is a sample email and explanations below.

If you prefer your clients sign a prefilled customer authorization form, just let us know, we will be happy to provide them to you.

DDVerify is just for clients that you signed up with the spreadsheet lists.

For new clients you signed up after sending us the spreadsheet of your existing customers, they will use our standard method. They should fill out and sign the authorization form. After you receive this form, you can upload this into our system by using the “New Client” option on the my.directdeposit.com website. You also need to upload proof of TIN (see the list of acceptable documents below). Please don’t forget to give these clients a brief explanation of our penny challenge/verification process.


1) If your client was signed up on a spreadsheet, you need to send them an email like the one below and have them click on the appropriate link, fill in the required information, and sign an authorization form for each of the bank accounts they want to use to fund their transactions.

2) Moving forward, please download the authorization form that each client must complete and sign. You can either send that to us via email, or use the online application system. Be sure to have the other required documentation available to upload to our website in addition to the client application.

3) Be sure to add a brief explanation of the penny verification process into your onboarding.

Acceptable Proof of TIN Documents

• SS-4 Form

• IRS Letter 147C: The IRS can be contacted at 1-800-829-4933 to request this form. It can be faxed to you with 1-2 business days

• Signed 941 or 940 form. It must include both the first and the second page

• Signed 8655 or 1120S form

• If you enroll your clients in the EFTPS system then you can also pull up their company and send us a screen shot with their legal business name and full FEIN/TIN

• IRS CP575 form

Explanation for Your Clients

The email to your clients is going to give them the information they need to access the my.DDVerify.com website and sign the extremely important authorization form.

This is the information that you have to include on the email. This is what your customers will need in order to successfully access their authorization forms:

• Client NPC account number. You can find this by going to the reports menu in my.directdeposit.com and downloading the client list.

• The link to the website that performs the signing of authorizations: https://my.ddverify.com/SignAuth

• Brief instructions on what they must do.

Your client is going to have to know and provide the following:

• Their individual NPC account number

• Their TIN as provided on the application for service

• The bank accounts they wish to verify

The DDVerify system will show them a list of the accounts they need to authorize. The bank accounts will be redacted up to the last two digits. For example, XXXXX34. They must enter in the complete account and then the authorization step begins. They must do this for each account that was entered into our system as one they will use to fund payroll, taxes, etc.

Sample Email

Dear Customer,

It’s time now to formally authorize our ACH provider, allowing them to debit and credit your payroll funding accounts.

You need the following to use the automated system to sign the transaction authorization forms:

• NPC account number – (provide the number here)

• Your business Federal Tax ID

• Each bank account number identified as being used to process your various payroll and payroll-related transactions. The system will provide the last 2 digits of each account in the system. You must verify the entire number.

Follow the on-screen instructions to digitally sign and authorize the use of your payroll funding account(s)

Click here: https://my.ddverify.com/SignAuth to log into the Direct Deposit Authorization system, known as DDVerify.

Thank you in advance for signing these very important documents.

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